Holy Cross Catholic Church, Nicosia

Schedule of the LITURGICAL Services

Saturday:  6:30 pm in Family Mass in English valid for Sunday  
 Sunday 8:00 am in English  
  9:30 am in Greek  
  10:30 am in English  
  12:00 noon Community Language Masses  
  6:30 pm in English
Community Masses:
1st Saturday - Polish Community (4:00 pm)
2nd Saturday - Spanish Community (4:00 pm)

1st Sunday - French Community (12:00 noon)
2nd Sunday - Filipino Community (12:00 noon)
3rd Sunday - Indian Community (12:00 noon)
4th Sunday - Sri Lankan Community (12:00 noon)
 Weekday 7:30 am in English (Tuesdays in Greek)
  6:30 pm in English
  5:30 pm Exposition of the Bl. Sacrament, Evening Prayer  
             (Except Saturday)
  6:00 pm the Holy Rosary  
Confessions 30 minutes before the Mass or upon request  
N.B. All Masses are in English except on Sundays 9.30 am and on Tuesdays 7.30 am